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Sucking Cider Thro' A Straw (1894) / Sipping Cider Through A Straw / Sippin' Cider (1928) / Suckin' Cider (1931) / Sippin' Soda (1953) / Zeep En Soda (1954) / Four For Three (1962) / Lily The Pink (1968) / Drinke Totteme Zinke (1969)

"Lily the Pink" is a 1968 song released by the UK comedy group the Scaffold. It is a modernisation of an older folk song titled "(The Ballad of) Lydia Pinkham", which was part of Carl Sandburg's "American Songbag" (1927).


It has also Roud number 8368. SEE: Vaughan Williams Memorial Library

The lyrics celebrate the "medicinal compound" invented by Lily the Pink (= Lydia Pinkham), and, in each verse, chronicle some extraordinary cure it has effected.

Lily the Pink (song) - Wikipedia

In 1962 Oscar Brand recorded a version of "Lydia Pinkham" (his version was titled "Four For Three")

(c) Oscar Brand (1962)  (as "Four For Three")

And here's The Scaffold's adaptation of "Lydia Pinkham" (they titled it "Lily The Pink")

(c) The Scaffold (1968)  (as "Lily The Pink")

45cat - The Scaffold - Lily The Pink / Buttons Of Your Mind - Parlophone - UK - R 5734

(c) Irish Rovers (1969)  (as "Lily The Pink")

45cat - The Irish Rovers - Lily The Pink / Mrs. Crandall's Boardinghouse - Decca - USA - 32444

The Irish Rovers - Lily The Pink / Mrs. Crandall's Boarding House (Vinyl) at Discogs

The Irish Rovers - Tales to Warm Your Mind

The words were a derivation from the 1962 Oscar Brand version, who took his version from Carl Sandburg's "American Songbag (1927).
But the tune was in fact adapted from an even older traditional song "Sucking (Sipping) Cider Thro' A Straw" written in 1894 by W. Freear.

African-American Sheet Music, 1850-1920

Sipping Cider Through a Straw - Wikipedia

In 1875 a version of this song was included in the songbook "Songs of the Class of Seventy-Five" of the University of Michigan, but with the tune of "Lone Fish Ball"


Here below is the oldest recording (with the "Lily The Pink" tune) I could find.

(c) Mack Allen (=Vernon Dalhart) (1928)  (as "Sippin' Cider")
(Written by Bob Miller)
Recorded November 16, 1928
Released on Harmony 707-H (as by Mack Allen)

Columbia matrix 147468. Sippin' cider / Mack Allen - Discography of American Historical Recordings

Listen here:

A few months later Dalhart recorded a version for the Victor-label:

Victor matrix BVE-49232. Sippin' cider / Vernon Dalhart - Discography of American Historical Recordings

Listen here:

(c) Crockett Family Mountaineers (1928)

Crockett Family Mountaineers* - Hard Cider Song / Rosalee (Shellac) at Discogs

Listen here (the melody starts at abour 1 min and 35 sec) : : honkingduck.com/mc/system/files/HARD_CIDER_SONG.MP3

(c) Otto Gray and his Oklahoma Cowboys (1931)  (as "Suckin' Cider")
Recorded February 16, 1931 in New York
Released on Melotone M 12127

Otto Gray And His Oklahoma Cowboys* - Cat Came Back / Suckin' Cider (Shellac) at Discogs

Listen here:

In 1953 Guy Mitchell recorded another variation of the song

(c) Guy Mitchell (1953)  (as "Sippin' Soda")
(Adapted by Paul Campbell = The Weavers)

45cat - Guy Mitchell - Strollin' Blues / Sippin' Soda - Columbia - USA - 4-40077

Listen here:

(c) Johnny Hicks (1953)  (as "Sippin Cider")

45cat - Johnny Hicks And The Country Gentlemen - You All Come / Sippin Cider - Columbia - USA - 4-21177

(c) Johnny Cooper (1953) (as "Sippin' Soda Through A Straw")

Johnny Cooper And His Ranger Riders* - Sippin' Soda Through A Straw (Shellac) at Discogs

Johnny Cooper Discography - AudioCulture

Listen to a sample here

Rock And Sing With Johnny Cooper: Johnny Cooper: Amazon.co.uk: MP3 Downloads

(c) Black and White (1954)  (as "Zeep En Soda")
(Dutch lyrics by Stan Haag)

78 RPM - Black And White - Zeep En Soda (Sippin' Soda) / Daar Bij De Waterkant (Down By The Riverside) - Philips - Netherlands - P 17328 H

Listen here:

(c) Nina & Frederik (1959)  (as "Sippin' Cider")

On this version the "Lily The Pink" connection is very clear.

45cat - Nina And Frederik - Sippin' Cider / I Would Amor Her - Metronome - Denmark - B 45-1324

Nina & Frederik - I Would Amor Her / Sippin' Cider (Vinyl) at Discogs

Listen here:

(c) Chubby Checker (1964)  (as "Sippin' Cider Through A Straw")

Chubby Checker - Spread Joy / Sippin' Cider Through A Straw (Vinyl) at Discogs

Listen here:

More cover-versions of the Scaffold-version here below:

(c) Thijs van der Molen (1969)  (as "Drinke Totteme Zinke")
(Dutch lyrics by Thijs van der Molen")

45cat - Thijs van der Molen - Drinke Totteme Zinke (Lily The Pink) / Lolita - Imperial - Netherlands - IH 841

(c) Johnny Hoes en Feestneuzen (1969)  (as "En We Drinken Tot We Zinken")
(Dutch lyrics by Thijs van der Molen)

45cat - Johnny Hoes en De Feestneuzen - We Drinken Tot We Zinken! (Lily The Pink) / Krijg Je Soms Een Kale Kop? - Telstar - Netherlands - TS 1443 TF

(c) Rijk de Gooyer (1969)  (as "Leve De Man, De Man, De Man")
(Dutch lyrics by Rijk de Gooyer and Jacques Hartman)

45cat - Rijk de Gooyer - Leve De Man, De Man, De Man / Pak Me Dan - Artone - Netherlands - DJ 25.913

Rijk De Gooyer - Leve De Man, De Man, De Man - Pak Me Dan (Vinyl) at Discogs

(c) Disko Johnny (=Jan Boezeroen=Johnny Goverde) (1969)  (as "Sophietje")
(Dutch lyrics by Johnny Goverde and Gunter Kaleta=Addy Kleijngeld)

45cat - Disko Johnny - Sophietje (Lily The Pink) / Het Bier Is Weer Best - CNR - Netherlands - UH 10037

(c) Richard Anthony (1969) (as "Le Syrop Typhon")
(French lyrics by Richard Anthony)

45cat - Richard Anthony - Le Sirop Typhon (Lily The Pink) / En Passant La Frontiere (Cuando Sali Do Cuba) - Tacoun - France - 2C 006-10.018

(c) I Gufi (1969) (as "La Sbornia")
(Italian lyrics by Leo Chiosso)

I Gufi - La Sbornia (Vinyl) at Discogs

Listen here:

(c) Lennart Grahn & Nya Sahnes (1969)  (as "Doktor E Munk")
(Swedish lyrids by Börje Carlsson)

45cat - Lennart Grahn Och Nya Shanes - Doktor E. Monk / Ozi Mc Dozi - Polydor - Sweden - NH 59777

(c) Gluntan (1969)  (as "Doktor E Vang")
(Norvegian lyrics by Freddie=Terje Mosnes)

Lily the Pink – Wikipedia

45cat - Gluntan - Doktor E. Wang (Lily The Pink) / Jeg Er Visst Blitt Forelsket - Columbia - Norway - GN 1822

(c) Grethe Sønck (1969) (as "Lille Fru Flink")
(Danish lyrics by Volmer Sørensen)

45cat - Grethe Sønck - Lille Fru Flink / Danske Pige - Columbia - Denmark - DD 818

The melody of "Sippin Cider" was also used for the Scout song "I Met A Bear".

I Met a Bear Song lyrics midi

In 1919 Collins and Harlan recorded a version, which had a different melody and different words too

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