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Ja-Da (1918) / What Is It That Tastes Like Gravy (1929) / Truckin' My Blues Away (1936) / Keep On Truckin' (1972) / Alice's Restaurant Massacree (1967)

"Ja-Da" was written by Bob Carleton, when he was club pianist at the Arsonia Cafe in Chicago, Illinois and he first popularized it with singer Cliff Edwards, who got his first break in 1918 , where he performed the song in the Arsonia Cafe.
Edwards and Carleton made it a hit on the vaudeville circuit.

Ja-Da - Wikipedia

(o) Arthur Fields (1918)  (as "Ja-Da (Ja Da, Ja Da, Jing Jing!)")
Recorded October 25, 1918 in New York.
Released on Columbia A2672

ARTHUR FIELDS: Discography of Columbia Recordings (Part I)

Columbia matrix 78160. Ja-da (ja da, ja da, jing jing!) / Arthur Fields - Discography of American Historical Recordings

Arthur Fields / Peerless Quartette - Ja-Da (Ja-Da, Ja-Da, Jing Jing!) / The Worst Is Yet To Come (Shellac) at Discogs

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Arthur Fields also recorded a version for the Edison label
Recorded October 31, 1918 in New York
Released on Edison Amberol 3649

ARTHUR FIELDS: Discography of Edison Recordings

Listen here: cylinders.library.ucsb.edu/mp3s/5000/5830/cusb-cyl5830d.mp3

Arthur Fields also recorded a version on the Victor label
Recorded November 15, 1918 in Camden, New Jersey
Released on Victor 18522

ARTHUR FIELDS: Discography of Victor Recordings

Victor matrix B-22422. Ja-da / Arthur Fields - Discography of American Historical Recordings

Browse All Recordings | Ja-da, Take 2 (1918-11-15) | National Jukebox LOC.gov

Billy Murray / Arthur Fields - Alcoholic Blues / Ja-Da (Shellac) at Discogs

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(c) New Orleans Jazz Band (1918)  (as "Ja Da")
Recorded November 1918
Released on Okeh 1155

OKeh matrix 478. Ja da / New Orleans Jazz Band - Discography of American Historical Recordings

In 1929 Tampa Red and Georgia Tom used the "Ja-Da" tune for their song "What Is It That Tastes Like Gravy?"

(c) Tampa Red and Georgia Tom (1929)  (as "What Is It That Tastes Like Gravy?")
Recorded June 13, 1929 in Chicago
Released on Vocalion 1426 and Supertone S2225

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(c) King David's Jug Band (1930) (as "What's That Tastes Like Gravy")
Stovepipe No. 1 (Samuel Jones) (vocal and stovepipe); King David (David Crockett) (guitar); unkown (mandolin); two unknowns (vocals)
Recorded December 11, 1930 in Atlanta GA
Released on Okeh 8913

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In 1936 Blind Boy Fuller used the "Ja-Da" tune for his song "Truckin' My Blues Away".

(c) Blind Boy Fuller (1936)  (as "Truckin' My Blues Away")
Recorded April 29, 1936 in New York City
Released on Perfect 6-10-56, on Conqueror 8720, on Vocalion 03098 and Columbia 30079.

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2 years later Blind Boy Fuller also used the Ja-Da tune for "What's That Smells Like Fish"
Recorded October 29, 1938 in Columbia, S.C.
Released on Vocalion 04519

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(c) Johnny Temple with the Harlem Hamfats (1938) (as "What Is That Smells Like Gravy")
Johnnie Temple, voc;
Harlem Hamfats: Odell Rand, cl; Horace Malcolm, p; Joe McCoy, g; Charlie McCoy, g, md; John Lindsay, sb; Fred Flynn, dr
Recorded April 22, 1938 in New York City
Released on Decca 7456

Illustrated Johnny Temple discography

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(c) Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra (1936) (as "Jada")
Recorded April 15, 1936 in New York
Released on Victor 25326

Victor matrix BS-101454. Jada / Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Discography of American Historical Recordings

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Sonny Boy Williamson's "I'm Tired Trucking My Blues Away" is an answer record to Blind Boy Fuller's "Truckin' My Blues Away", also using the same Ja Da tune.

(c) Sonny Boy Williamson (1938) (as "I'm Tired Trucking My Blues Away")
Sonny Boy Williamson: voc, hca, Yank Rachell: mand, Joe Williams: g

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(c) Ten Cats and a Mouse (1947) (as "Ja-Da")
Paul Weston (cl), Eddie Miller (as), Benny Carter (ts), Dave Cavanaugh (bar), Dave Barbour (t), Billy May, Bobby Sherwood (tb), Hal Derwin (g), Frank DeVol (b), Red Norvo (p), Peggy Lee (d)
(The mouse in casu is Peggy Lee)
Recorded October 13, 1947 in Los Angeles
Released on Capitol 15015

Ten Cats And A Mouse - Ja-Da / Three O'Clock Jump (Shellac) at Discogs

Peggy Lee Discography - The Capitol Years, Part 2

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In 1954 Sonny Rollins "re-invented" it using the Ja-Da chords for his composition "Doxy".

(c) Miles Davis (1954)  (as "Doxy")
Recorded June 29, 1954 in Hackensack, New Jersey.
Released on 10 inch album "Miles Davis with Sonny Rollins" (Prestige PRLP 187)

Prestige Records Catalog: 100, 200 series

Miles Davis with Sonny Rollins - Wikipedia

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(c) Johnny and the Hurricanes (1961)

45cat - Johnny And The Hurricanes - Ja-Da / Mr. Lonely - Bigtop - USA - 45-3063

(c) Alma Cogan (1961)

45cat - Alma Cogan - With You In Mind / Ja-Da - Columbia - UK - DB 4679

(c) The Journeymen (1963)

45cat - The Journeymen - Kumbaya / Ja-Da - Capitol - USA - 5031

(c) Hugues Aufray (1964)  (as "Ja-Da")
French lyrics by Pierre Saka.

45cat - Hugues Aufray - Debout Les Gars / Nous Avons Beaucoup Danse - Barclay - France - 70692

(c) The Fireballs (1966)

45cat - The Fireballs - Ja-Da / What I Am - Dot - USA - 45-16834

(c) Whistling Jack Smith (1967)

45cat - Whistling Jack Smith - Colonel Bogey / Ja-Da - Deram - Netherlands - DM 134

And Arlo Guthrie also used the "Ja-Da" tune for his famous song "Alice's Restaurant"

(c) Arlo Guthrie (1967)  (as "Alice's Restaurant Masscree")

Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant (Vinyl, LP, Album) at Discogs

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(c) Hot Tuna (1972)  (as "Keep On Truckin'")

Title, lyrics and some chord changes in this rendition (and the band name 'Hot Tuna') are related to Blind Boy Fuller's "Truckin' My Blues Away", the origin for the phrase "Keep on Truckin'".
Hot Tuna's version also used some lyrics from Blind Boy Fuller's "What's That Smells Like Fish".

45cat - Hot Tuna - Keep On Truckin' / Water Song - Grunt - USA - 65-0502

The Hot Tuna recording reappeared on Flight Log, a 1977 compilation by Jefferson Airplane and related bands, this time with the double title "Ja Da (Keep on Truckin')". The song is credited to Carleton or, on recent releases, as "traditional".

Jefferson Airplane - Flight Log (Vinyl, LP) at Discogs

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More versions here:

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NOT TO BE CONFUSED with The Pointer Sisters' "Jada"

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