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Cielito Lindo (1882) / (1919) / Cielito Mio (1921) / Aubade Voor Nina (1939) / You Me and Us (1957) / Ay Ay waar blijft Maria (1972)

"Cielito Lindo" is a traditional Mexican song, composed in 1882 by Quirino Mendoza y Cortés , who was inspired by a beautiful birthmark on the face of his wife, whom he had met in the mountains.
It is roughly translated as "Lovely Sweet One". Although the word "Cielo" means "sky" or "heaven", it is also a term of endearment comparable to "sweetheart" or "honey". "Cielito", the diminutive, can be translated as "sweetie"; "lindo" means "cute", "lovely" or "pretty". Sometimes the song is known by words from the refrain, "Canta y no llores" (Sing and don't cry) or simply the "Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay" song.






The first recording of the song was probably made by Trio González for Victor Records in 1919

Trío González (Vocal group)
Guillermo González (instrumentalist : guitar)
Francisco Aguirre del Pino (vocalist : baritone vocal)
Alcides Briceño (vocalist : tenor vocal)


Recorded December 15, 1919 in New York
Released on Victor 72563.

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In January 1920 in New York  Pilar Arcos also recorded a version of "Cielito Lindo" for the Columbia-label.


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Cielito Lindo - Pilar Arcos Acomp. de Orquesta | Frontera Project

(c) Max Dolin Orchestra (1922)  (as "Cielito Lindo (Beautiful Heaven)")
Recorded December 22, 1921 in New York
Released on Victor 19329 (as by Max Dolin Orchestra)

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Also released on Victor 73193 (as by Orquesta Max Dolin)


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In 1921 Osvaldo Fresedo and his brother Emilio adapt "Cielito Lindo" to the tango entitled "Cielito Mio". This version was recorded by Carlos Gardel.

(c)  Carlos Gardel (1921) (as "Cielito Mio")
with Jose Ricardo on guitar
Recorded on July 30, 1921
Released on Disco Nacional (ODEON) 18034
Matrix 449/A


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(c) Diana de la Fuente (1921)  (as "Cielito Lindo")
Recorded July 1921 in New York
Released on Okeh 16002


(c) The Castillians (=Louis Katzman)  (as "Cielito Lindo (Beautiful Heaven)")
Recorded October 12, 1923 in New York
Released on Vocalion 14693

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(c) Emil Coleman and his Orchestra (1923)  (as "Cielito Mio (My Little Heaven)")
Recorded November 1923 in New York
Released on Vocalion 14706

Emil Coleman & His Orchestra - Capricho / Cielito Mio (Shellac, 10", 78 RPM) | Discogs

(c) Vincent Lopez and his Orchestra (1923)  (as "Cielito Lindo")
Recorded October 30, 1923 in New York
Released on Okeh 4988

(c) Imperial Dance Orchestra (1923)  (as "Cielito Lindo")
Recorded November 29, 1923
Released on Oriole 268 and Banner 1298

Listen here: 78_cielito-lindo-beautiful-heaven_imperial-dance-orchestra-c-fernandes.mp3

(c) Bob Haring and his Orchestra (1924)  (as "Cielito Lindo (Beautiful Heaven)")
Recorded February 22, 1924 in New York
Released on Cameo 503

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Listen here:  BobHaringAsColonialClubOrch/BobHaringOrch-CielitoLindo.mp3

(c) Paul Specht and his Hotel Alamac Orchestra (1924)  (as "My Beautiful Mexican Rose")
(English words by Paul Ash, Max Dolin and Irving Mills),
Recorded January 29, 1924 in New York


Released on Columbia 83-D


(c) The Top Notchers (1924) (as "My Beautiful Mexican Rose")
Recorded April 24, 1924 in New York
Released on Edison 51342

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(c) Paul Ash and his Granada Orchestra (1924) (as "My Beautiful Mexican Rose")


Recorded May 6, 1924 in Los Angeles
Released on Brunswick 2628

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(c) Frank Ferera and John Paaluhi (1925)
Recorded June 9, 1925
Released on Banner 1579 and 2120 and Domino 0146 and Regal 9880

Listen here: Frank%20Ferera%20And%20John%20K%20Paaluhu%20-%20Cielito%20Lindo.mp3

(c) Dusolina Giannini (1926)  (as "Cielito Lindo (Beautiful Sky)")
Recorded June 17, 1926 in Camden, New Jersey in a Church Building
Released on Victor 1195


(c) Orquesta Típica Mexicana 1926
Recorded November 26, 1926


Released on Victor 20384 (Listed as Mexican Tipica Orchestra)


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An also released on Victor 79062 (Listed as Orquesta Tipica Mexicana)

American adaptations (1935) credit Jerry Castillo and Carlo Fernandez.
According to PD Music Fernandez was a pseudonym for Quirino Mendoza y Cortes.



(c) Al Jolson (1935)  (as "Cielito Lindo")
He sang it in the movie: "Go Into Your Dance"

(c) Milton Brown and his Brownies (1936)  (as "Cielito Lindo (Beautiful Heaven)")
Recorded March 3, 1936
Released on Decca 5303

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(c) Ted Fio Rito (1937)
Recorded November 15, 1937 in Los Angeles
Released on Decca 1614

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(c) Xavier Cugat and his waldorf-Astoria Orchestra 1938 (as "Cielito Lindo (Beautiful Sky)")
Recorded April 8, 1938
Released on Victor 25826 and Victor 27482

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(c) Ella Logan (1938 (as "Cielito Lindo (Beautiful Heaven)")
Recorded September 13, 1938
Released on Brunswick 8300

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(c) Willy Derby 1939 (as "Aubade Voor Nina") (--> Dutch Lyrics Herre de Vos)
Recorded in Berlin in 1939.
Released on Polydor 2935
Matrix 8315 2 GR 9

(c) Albert de Booy (1939)  (as "Aubade Voor Nina") (--> Dutch Lyrics Herre de Vos)

Released on Decca FB 41016


(c) Larry Clinton's Bluebird Orchestra (1940)  (as "Cielito Lindo")
Recorded December 12, 1940 in New York
Released on Bluebird 10999

Listen here:  LarryClintonAndHisOrchestra2/12-UnknownArtist-CielitoLindo.mp3

(c) Sons Of The Pioneers (1941)  (as "Cielito Lindo")
Recorded March 27, 1941 in Chicago
Released on Decca 6003.

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(c) Mills Brothers (1941)  (as "I Yi Yi Yi Amigo")
Composers: John Redmond - James Cavanaugh
Recorded April 10, 1941 in New york.
Released on Decca 3789B

This Mills Brothers take was later released with a custom title: "Cielito Lindo (I Yi Yi Yi Amigo")
on Decca 25046B



(c) Deanna Durbin with Victor Young and his Orchestra (1941) (as "Cielito Lindo (Beautiful Heaven)")
Recorded October 9, 1941
Released on Decca 18216

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(c) Four King Sisters and the Alvino Rey Orchestra (1941)


In 1941 the Four King Sisters sang "Cielito Lindo" in the next "soundie":

(c) Pedro Infante (1947)
He sang it in the movie: "Los Tres Garcias"

(c) Irma Vila (1949)
She sang it in the movie: "Canto No Llores"


(c) Pete Seeger (1957)  (as "Cielito Lindo")


Listen here:

(c) Alma Cogan (1957) (as "You, Me and Us")  (English lyrics by John Jerome)


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(c) Bing Crosby (1961) (as "Heavenly Night (Cielito Lindo)") (English lyrics by Neil Wilson)
Recorded June 23, 1960 in Los Angeles.





(c) Gerd Böttcher (1961)  (as "Ay - Ay - Ay - Ay, Oh, Signorina")  (German lyrics Curt Blecher)



Listen here:

(c) Trini Lopez (1963)


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(c) Ella Fitzgerald (1971)
Recorded live on Luly 21, 1971 in Nice (France).


(c) Jack De Nijs (1972)  (as "Ay, Ay, waar blijft Maria") (Dutch lyrics Henk Taal / Jack De Nijs)

Released on Imperial 2444

(c) Brave Combo (1992)  (as "Cielito Lindo")
Released in 1992 on the P-Vine label and in 1993 on the Rounder-label


(c) De Vrijbuiters (1992)   (as "Ay, Ay, Ay, waar blijft Maria")

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(c) Los Lobos with Lalo Guerrero (1995)


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(c) Highway (1995)   (as "Ay, Ay, waar blijft Maria")

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(c) Quarteto Patria & Manu Dibango (1998)  (as "Cielito Lindo")

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(c) Santana and special guests (2014)  (as "Cielito Lindo")
Recorded live in 2013 in Guadalajara, Mexico.


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