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Carmen Carmela (1904) / Carmela (1917) / Tulips and Heather (1951) / Tulpaner I Mossa (1951) / Bloeiende Heide (1952) / We'll Be Together (1962)

"Carmen Carmela" is traditional Mexican love-song, which was also popular in Anglified versions by Fred Waring as "Tulips and Heather" and Elvis Presley as "We'll Be Together"

The earliest recorded Mexican versions are very hard to find. If anyone can provide me of a soundfile for the first 2 versions below, I would appreciate that very much.

(o) Señor Rafael Herrera Robinson (1905) (as "Carmen Carmela")
Recorded around May or June 1904
Released on Edison Gold Moulded Cylinder #18526


(c) (Jesús) Abrego y (Leopoldo) Picazo (1907)  (as "Carmen Carmela")
Recorded July 8, 1907 in Mexico City.
Released March 1908 on single-faced Victor 98231
Re-released in 1909 on double-faced Victor 62049



In 1908 Abrego and Picazo also recorded the song for the Columbia-label.
Released on Columbia C-438.


Listen here:

Carmen Carmela - Abrego Y Picazo Guitarra | Frontera Project

In 1917 the song was collected by Eleanor Hague and published in "Spanish-American Folk-Songs", with musical score and English translation.


(c) Dusolina Giannini (1926) (as "Carmela")
Recorded June 17, 1926 in Camden, New Jersey
Released on Victor 1195

Victor matrix BVE-34210. Carmela / Dusolina Giannini - Discography of American Historical Recordings

Dusolina Giannini - Cielito Lindo (Beautiful Sky) / Carmela (Shellac) at Discogs

Listen here: media.slub-dresden.de/fon/snp/b/007469/fon_snp_b_007469_01.mp3

(c) A. Fernandez Alba (1929)  (as "Carmen Carmela")
Recorded August 23, 1929 in New York
Released on Victor 46452

Victor matrix BVE-55804. Carmen Carmela / A. Fernández Alba - Discography of American Historical Recordings

(c) Cesar Romero (1939) (as "Carmen Carmela")
Sung in the movie "The Cisco Kid and the Lady"
Watch it here:

(c) Tito Guizar (1941)  (as "Darling Carmela")
Recorded August 27, 1941 in Hollywood, California
Released on Victor 27613 and on Victor 83657

Victor matrix PBS-061558. Darling Carmela / Tito Guizar ; Lou Bring - Discography of American Historical Recordings

(c) Freddy Martin 1941 (as "Carmen Carmela")
Recorded September 17, 1941
Released on Bluebird 11320

78 RPM - Freddy Martin - Tonight We Love / Carmen Carmela - Bluebird - USA - B-11320

Carmen Carmela : Freddy Martin and his Orchestra : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Listen here: Carmen Carmela - Freddy Martin and his Orchestra.mp3

In 1950 Milton Carson (=pseudonym for songwriters Howard Barnes, Harry Fields and Joseph Roncoroni) wrote English lyrics to this tune, retitled "Tulips and Heather"
It was published in 1950 by John Fields Music Co Ltd in London

Tulips and Heather - Carson, Milton

Although "Tulips and Heather" was written in the UK, the first recording seems to be made in the USA.

(c) Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians (1951)
Recorded February 19, 1951
Released on Decca 27507

Tulips and Heather : Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

(c) Bob and Alf Pearson (1951) (as "Tulips and Heather")
Released in September 1951 on Parlophone F 2471

78rpm Community - Wikis Profile - Parlo F2450 - F2555

(c) Daphne and Benny Lee (1951) (as "Tulips and Heather")
Released in September 1951 on Decca F9734

(c) Joe Loss and his Orchestra (1951) (as "Tulips and Heather")
Vocals Rose Brennan and The Loss Chords
Released in October 1951 on HMV BD6110

Listen here:

(c) Victor Silvester and his Ballroom Orchestra (1951) (as "Tulips and Heather")
Released in November 1951 on Columbia FB3622

78 RPM - Victor Silvester - Tulips And Heather / While You Danced, Danced, Danced - Columbia - Norway - GN 1257

(c) Vera Lynn (1951) (as "Tulips and Heather")
Released in November 1951 on London 1172

(c) Benny Strong (1951)
Released on Capitol 1952

Benny Strong And His Orchestra - Tavern In The Town / Tulips And Heather (Vinyl) at Discogs

(c) Bill Hayes (1952) (as "Tulips and Heather")
Recorded December 1951
Released on MGM 11142

Bill Hayes

(c) Perry Como (1952) (as "Tulips and Heather") (US Chart Position No. 16)
Recorded December 18, 1951
Released on RCA Victor 47-4453

Perry Como - Please Mr. Sun / Tulips And Heather at Discogs

45cat - Perry Como - Tulips And Heather / Please Mr. Sun - RCA Victor - USA - 47-4453

Tulips and Heather

Listen here:

(c) Bertil Boo (1951) (as "Tulpaner I Mossa")
Swedish lyrids by Gösta Carje

78 RPM - Bertil Boo - Tulpaner I Mossa (Tulips And Heather) / Lycka Till (Good Luck, Good Health, God Bless You) - Sonora Elit - Sweden - 7607

Listen here;

(c) The Ramblers (1952)  (as "Bloeiende Heide")
Dutch lyrics Willy Pol
Released on Decca M 34340

78 RPM - The Ramblers - Bloeiende Heide (Tulips And Heather) / Over 25 Jaar - Decca - Netherlands - M. 34340

Listen here:

(c) Rosa Ponselle 1954 (as "Carmen Carmela")
Recorded October 21, 1954
Released on RCA Victor LM 2047.

Rosa Ponselle - Rosa Ponselle In Song (Vinyl, LP) at Discogs

Rosa Ponselle


(c) Carmen Prietto with Bert Weedon (1956) (as "Carmen Carmela")

Carmen Prietto, Bert Weedon - Songs From Mexico (Vinyl, LP) at Discogs

Listen here:

(c) Bud & Travis (1960) (as "Carmen Carmella")

Bud And Travis - Bud And Travis ... In Concert (Vinyl, LP, Album) at Discogs

Listen here:

(c) Elvis Presley 1962 (as "We'll Be Together")
English lyrics by Charles O'Curran and Dudley Brooks
Recorded March 28, 1962
Released on "Girls, Girls, Girls" movie and album

Girls! Girls! Girls! (album) - Wikipedia

Elvis Presley: Original Version Recordings of Songs He Sang

The Original? | We'll Be Together Elvis Presley| David Neale

Watch it here:

In 1967 Boris Gardiner recorded a reggaefied version of the song.

(c) Oliver St. Patrick (=Boris Gardiner) and the Diamonds (1967) (as "Tulips")

45cat - Oliver St. Patrick And The Diamonds - I Want To Be Loved By You / Tulips - Trojan - Jamaica

45cat - Oliver St. Patrick And The Diamonds - I Want To Be Loved By You / Tulips - Trojan - UK - TR 005

Oliver St. Patrick And The Diamonds (2) - I Want To Be Loved / Tulips (Vinyl) at Discogs

Listen here:

Cover versions of Tulips and Heather written by Harry Fields, Howard Barnes, Joe Roncoroni | SecondHandSongs

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