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Riu Riu Chiu (1556) / Guardo El Lobo (1961)

Ríu Ríu Chíu, also known as Ríu Chíu, is a Spanish villancico that has attained some contemporary fame as a Christmas carol.

The villancico is attributed by some sources to Mateo Flecha the Elder, who died in 1553; it has also been described as anonymous.

It is known from a single source, the Cancionero de Upsala, published in 1556 in Venice; a unique copy is preserved at the library of the University of Uppsala. The song appears on page XLII and XLIII of that collection


Ríu Ríu Chíu - Wikipedia

The first recording I could find is in 1957 by the the vocal emsemble New York Pro Musica.

New York Pro Musica - Music Of The Medieval Court And Countryside (For The Christmas Season) (Vinyl, LP, Album) at Discogs

Listen here:

The same year it was  recorded by the Brasilan vocal ensemble Madrigal Renascentista.

(o) Madrigal Renascentista (1957) (as"Riu, riu, chiu")
Vocals: Maria Lúcia Godoy
Director: Isaac Karabtchevsky
Recorded in 1957 but not released at the time

Listen here:

(c) Madrigal Renascentista (1959) (as"Riu, riu, chiu")
Vocals: Amin Abdo Feres
Director: Isaac Karabtchevsky
This version was released on Chantecler CMG 2038

Discografia - Madrigal Renacentista

IMMuB - O maior catálogo online da música brasileira

Madrigal Renascentista, Isaac Karabtchevsky, Maria Lúcia Godoy - Madrigal Renascentista (Vinyl, LP, Album) at Discogs

Madrigal Renascentista by Madrigal Renascentista (Album, Choral): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music

Listen here:

The original Kingston Trio of Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds, and Dave Guard sing their adaptation of "Riu Riu Chiu", retitled "Guardo El Lobo" (contributed to Erich Schwandt)
The song appeared on their 1961 album "Goin' Places", the last of nine albums that included founding member Guard, who shortly after the record's release left the group, to be replaced by singer-songwriter John Stewart.

Listen here:

In 1967 The Monkees performed the song live on a Christmas episode of their TV series, "The Monkees' Christmas Show".

Listen here:

An official studio version was recorded in October 1967, featuring Monkees producer Chip Douglas on vocals who was substituting for an absent Davy Jones. It went unreleased until 1990's "Missing Links Volume Two".

Listen here;

It is likely the Monkees learned the song from their producer, Chip Douglas who himself performed it with his former band The Modern Folk Quartet on their 1964 album Changes.

Listen here:

In 1978 British ensemble Chorale had an unexpected Dutch Christmas Top 30 Hit with "Riu Riu".

GDM - Articles: Chorale - 1978 Chorale

45cat - Chorale - Riu Riu / Come The Night Time - Arista - Netherlands - 5C 006-61990

Listen here:

In 1993 Bruce Cockburn include a version of "Riu Riu Chiu" on his Christmas album:

Listen here:

Sixpence None The Richer made their own arrangement of this Christmas Carol, which was contained on their Christmas album "The Dawn of Grace" (2008)

Listen here

The song also bears a strong resemblance to another villancico, "Falalanlera", by Bartomeu Càrceres, a Catalan composer.

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