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All Round My Hat (early 18th Century) / The Three-Coloured Ribbon (1921) / The Death of Brugh (1922) / Farewell He (early 18th Century)

The song "All Around my Hat" (Roud 567 and 22518, Laws P31) is of nineteenth-century English origin. In an early version, dating from the 1820s, a Cockney costermonger vowed to be true to his fiancée, who had been sentenced to seven years' transportation to Australia for theft and to mourn his loss of her by wearing green willow sprigs in his hatband for "a twelve-month and a day," the willow being a traditional symbol of mourning.
The song was made famous by Steeleye Span in 1975 (incorporating another early 18th Century traditional "Farewell He")

All Around My Hat (song) - Wikipedia

mudcat.org: Origins: All Around My Hat

All Around My Hat (I)

All Around My Hat (Roud 22518)

Bodleian Ballad library, has a version of " All around my Hat", apparently the Cockney parody as "All around my hat, I vears a green villow" (published between 1813 and 1838).
The tune was given as "The (poor) fisherman's boy". 

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Another Cockney version in Bodleiean is dated between 1819 and 1844

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And here's a Cockney version in Bodleien which is not dated.

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There is also a political parody called "The Disappointed One", starting with the 'All around my Hat' verse, unfortunately not dated.

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The song "All around my hat" appears on several other Bodleian Ballad library images under the title "The Green Willow" (sometimes referring to a cap, not hat), but no tune is given in any of them

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Here's another sheet from the Library Of Congress.

All round my hat. Johnson, Song Publisher, No. 7 N. Tenth Street | Library of Congress

 In 1895 an influential version of "All Around My Hat" was printed in "A Garland of Country Song". collected by Sabine Baring-Gould and Henry Fleetwood Sheppard.
In the notes Fleetwood Sheppard says he mofified two or three of the original verses, because "there was no real humour in them, and the London dialect of that day is a thing of the past".

Vaughan Williams Memorial Library :: Sabine Baring-Gould Manuscript Collection SBG/1/8/12 All round my hat

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Vaughan Williams Memorial Library :: Roud Folksong Index S135745 All Round My Hat

(c) Mrs. R.W. Duncan (1943) (as "All Round My Hat")
Recorded August 23, 1943 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Recordist: Helen Creighton.

All Round My Hat (from DUNCAN, Mrs. R.W. of Dartmouth, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
First line of song: All round my hat I will wear the green willow...) — 23 August 1943 
Rec no. 398 Loc. no. AR 5068 AC 2234 MF no. 289.82

Nova Scotia Archives - Helen Creighton

All round my hat | Library of Congress

5 days later Helen Creighton recorded another version of this song with another singer:

(c) Dennis Smith (1943) (as "All Round My Hat")
Recorded August 28, 1943 in Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia, Canada
Recordist: Helen Creighton.

All round my hat | Library of Congress

The same melody was also used for a song called "The Death Of Brugh", about the death in 1922 of Cathal Brugha. who was an Irish revolutionary and politician, active in the Easter Rising (1916).
In  1951 Alan Lomax collected a version in Ireland by Johnny McDonagh.

Death of Brugh, The

The World Library of Folk and Primitive Music: Ireland

Anthologies - The Columbia World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Volume III: England: Folk Music, etc. at theBalladeers

Listen here:

In 1953 Helen Creighton was responsible for yet another recording "All 'Round My Hat"
In July of that year she recorded Mr. Neil O'Brien in Pictou, Nova Scotia

Maritime Folk Songs: from the Collection of Helen Creighton - Smithsonian Folkways

Here are the liner-notes (SEE PAGE 9)


(c) Neil O'Brien (1953)

Listen here:

Or here:

(c) Stanley Holloway (1954) (as "All Around My Hat")
In 1954 Stanley Holloway recorded the Cockney version of "All Around My Hat".

Songs and monologues of Stanley Holloway - Wikipedia

Listen here to a sample:

Amazon.com: All Around My Hat: Stanley Holloway: MP3 Downloads

(c) John Langstaff (1956) (as "All 'Round My Hat")

John Langstaff - Sings American And English Folk Songs And Ballads (Vinyl, LP, Album) at Discogs

Listen here:

(c) Glenn Yarbrough (1957) (as "All Around My Hat")

Glenn Yarbrough - Come And Sit By My Side (Vinyl, LP) at Discogs

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(c) Diane Oxner (1961)  (as "All 'Round My Hat")

Oxner, Diane - Sings the Helen Creighton Collection of Traditional Folk Songs of Nova Scotia

Rereleased on the next Boxed Collection

Various - Canadian Folk Songs: A Centennial Collection (Box Set, LP) at Discogs

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In Ireland, Peadar Kearney adapted the song to make it relate to a Republican lass whose lover has died in the Easter Rising (1916), and who swears to wear the Irish tricolor in her hat in remembrance in "The Three-coloured Ribbon".
It was published in 1921.


In Seamus De Burca's book about Peader Kearney "The Soldier's Song", the first two verses and chorus of "The Three-coloured Ribbon" are printed as Declan had it (except that it has "to set Ireland free"), with a dedication of the song "To Eva" (Kearney's wife); and it's subtitled as "Easter Week Ballad". He probably wrote it, while he was interned in Ballykinlar, after the Rising.

So "The Tri-coloured Ribbon" has a strong connection with "The Death Of Brugh" (SEE ABOVE)

(c) Peg Clancy Power (1963) (as "The Tri-Coloured Ribbon")

(c) Wolfe Tones (1966)  (as "Three Coloured Ribbon")

Up The Rebels - Fontana release: the Wolfe Tones

(c) Peter Bellamy (1969)  (as "All Around My Hat")

Peter Bellamy: Mainly Norfolk / Fair England's Shore / The Fox Jumps Over the Parson's Gate

Vinyl Album - Peter Bellamy - Fair England's Shore - XTRA - UK

Peter Bellamy - Fair England's Shore (Vinyl, LP) at Discogs

Listen here:

(c) Steeleye Span (1975) (as "All Around My Hat")

Top Five in the UK charts in 1975 the highest chart placing ever for a traditional song.
Steeleye Span's version also incorporated another traditional song ("Farewell He") which was also published in "A Garland Of Country Song" (SEE NEXT LINK)

Vaughan Williams Memorial Library :: Sabine Baring-Gould Manuscript Collection SBG/1/8/44 Farewell he

Fare Thee Well, Cold Winter / Farewell He/She (Roud 1034, 803)

But at the Bodleian Library there are still older versions:

"Farewell He" at the Bodleian Library collection:

Farewell he ("Its fare you well cold winter and fare you well cold frost ...")
Imprint: J. Ctanach [sic], Printer, 2, Monmouth-court (Date: between 1813 and 1838) Farewell he
SEE: Ballads Online

("Farewell, cold winter, and farewell cold frost ...")
Imprint: Printed for W. Armstrong, Banastre-street (Liverpool) (Date: between 1820 and 1824)
SEE: Ballads Online

Farewell he ("Farewell cold winter and farewell cold frost ...")
Imprint: C. Croshaw, Printer, Coppergate, York (Date: between 1814 and 1850)
SEE: Ballads Online

[Fare] thee well cold winter ("Oh, fare thee well cold winter ...")
Printer: [s.n.] ([s.l.]) Date: [s.a.]
SEE: Ballads Online

Steeleye Span - All Around My Hat (Vinyl, LP, Album) at Discogs

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(c) Status Quo and Maddy Prior (1996)  (as "All Around My Hat")
Quo and Maddy Prior of Steeleye Span had a Top 50 hit in the UK.

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