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Quiereme Mucho (1923) / Yours (1932) / Du Bist Mein Erster Gedanke (1955) / Nimm Deine weisse Gitarre (1963) / Gisteren Heeft Zij Me Verlaten (1984) / Neem Mij Nog Eens In Je Armen (1973) / Niemand Kan Mij Doen Geloven (1992)

"Quiereme Mucho" was originally titled "Serenata Criolla" (or "Serenata Cubana") and was released in the former missing Havana Theater "Alhambra", as part of the play "El Servicio Militar Obligatorio", in 1915.
The duo that performed it in the play were Blanca Becerra and Rafael Llorens.
Gonzalo Roig wrote the music and two prestigious Cuban authors were in charge of its lyrics. Ramon R. Gollury, who signed with the alias of Roger de Lauria, wrote the first part; whereas Agustin Rodriguez, the popular comedian of "Marti Theater", was in charge of the second.
Tenor Mariano Melendez was in 1917 the first to sing Gonzalo Roig’s "Quiereme Mucho", as a complete song that already belongs to the soul of many countries, because singers from all over the world have made it their own.

Maybe Mariano Melendez was the first performer of the song, but the first recording by Mariano Melendez I could find is from end 1924 early 1925, with an orchestra directed by Jaime Pratts, who also played piano
Released on Pathe 06637.


Tito Schipa was actually the first artist to record the song in 1923.

(c) Tito Schipa 1923
Recorded March 12, 1923 in Camden, NJ.
Released on Victrola 66142


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Also released on Victrola 929.



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Tito Schipa recorded the song again on September 9, 1926.
Released on Victor 1181.

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(c) International Novelty Orchestra (1924)  (as "Love Me")
Recorded June, 13, 1924 in New York


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(c) Jose Moriche (1924) (as "Quiereme Mucho" (Serenata Criolla)
Recorded October 7, 1924
Released on Okeh 16147

OKeh matrix S-72883. Quiereme mucho / José Moriche - Discography of American Historical Recordings

Quiéreme Mucho | Frontera Project

Listen here:

(c) Carlos Mejía and Rodolfo Hoyos (1925) (as "Quiereme Mucho" (Serenata Criolla)
Recorded June 25, 1925 in Camden, New Jersey.
Released on Victor 78584


(c) Jose Moriche (tenor) con Los Castilians (1926)
Recorded January 15, 1926 in New York
Released on Vocalion 15249 and 8057 and Brunswick 40117


(c) Orquesta Antillana ( & Margarita Cueto &  Luis Alvarez) (1934)
Recorded on November 9, 1934 in New York
Released on Victor 32345


Listen here: http://lascancionesdelabuelo.blogspot.nl/2012/01/luis-alvarez-los-exitos-rareza.html

In 1932 Carol Raven wrote English lyrics for "Quiereme Mucho" and it was re-titled "Love Me Tonight" (NOT to be confused with the Rodgers/Hart song which was published 2 months later)

In 1932 Jack Sherr wrote English lyrics for "Quiereme Mucho" and this was re-titled "Yours".
But in the coming years it met with little succes despite the 1939 Xavier Cugat recording with Dinah Shore as vocalist.

(c) Xavier Cugat and his Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra (1939) (as "Quiereme Mucho (Yours)"
Recorded June 12, 1939
Released on Victor 26384

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In 1941 Jimmy Dorsey recorded the song and this time the ballad really took off, with its lyrics resonating wartime.

(c) Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra (1941)  (as "Yours (Quiereme Mucho)")
Recorded February 3, 1941 in New York
Released on Decca 3657.

(c) Vera Lynn (1941)  (as "Yours")
Recorded October 1, 1941 in London
Released on Decca F 9959

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In the summer of 1952 Vera Lynn recorded the song again, and this time her version reached the TOP 10 in the US charts.

(c) Vera Lynn (1952) (as "Yours")


(c) Mieke Telkamp (1955) (as "Du bist mein erster Gedanke")



Listen to a sample here:


(c) Connie Francis (1960) (as "Quiereme mucho (Yours)"


(c) Marty Robbins (1962)  (as "Yours")
Released in August 1962 on the album "Portrait Of Marty".


Listen here:

In 1963 a Dutch version by Gert Timmerman reached the # 2 spot on the Dutch charts.

(c) Gert Timmerman (1963)  (as "Nimm Deine Weisse Gitarre")


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(c) Conny Vandenbos (1963)  (as "Van Mij") (Dutch lyrics Red Debroy and Ad Remy)



In 1966 Conny Vandenbos again recorded this song this time with different lyrics.

(c) Conny Vandenbos (1966)  (as "Waarom") (Dutch lyrics Chis van Hoorn)


(c) Cliff Richard & The Shadows (1966) (as "Du bist mein erster Gedanke")


(c) Anni-Frid Lyngstad (1967) (as "Din")


(c) Albert Hammond (1976) (as "Quiereme Mucho") 


(c) Julio Iglesias (1978) (as "Quiereme Mucho")


and (1982) (as "Du Bist Mein Erster Gedanke")


In 1984 a Dutch version by Koos Alberts reached the TOP 5 of the Dutch charts.

(c) Koos Alberts (1984) (as "Gisteren heeft zij me verlaten")


And here are a few Flemish versions:

(c) Eddy Wally (1973) (as "Neem mij nog eens in je armen")


Listen to a sample here:


(c) Jo Vally  (1992) (as "Niemand kan mij doen geloven")

Listen to a sample here;


(c) Frank Galan (1993) (as "Waarom kwam jij in m'n leven")

Listen to a sample here:


(c) Linda Ronstadt (1992)  (as "Quiereme Mucho")
Released in 1992 on her album "Frenesi"


Listen here:

(c) Dick Dale (2001)  (as "Yours")


Listen here:

(c) Ibrahim Ferrer (2007) (as "Quiéreme Mucho")

(c) Buena Vista Social Club feat. Eliades Ochoa (2015)  (as "Quiéreme Mucho")

more versions:



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