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Mens(ch) Durf Te Leven / Memento Vivere (1917 / 1920)

"Mens(ch) durf te leven" ("Dare To Live, People") is the most famous song of singer/composer Dirk Witte. The song encourages people to enjoy life and not adjusting so many questions; and it also calls for not always following the calibrated paths, not adapting as slaves to the majority. Thematically, the text resists the so-influential social control, and against the acceptance of authoritarian morale.

In 1918 Leo Gestel painted a beautiful cover for the sheetmusic of this song, in which he assigned the song to Jean-Louis Pisuisse.

But there"s a rumour the music was actually written by Meyer Olman.

Zwartekat.nl - Was Meyer Olman de geheime componist van ‘Mens durf te leven’?

Jean-Louis Pisuisse first introduced "Mensch Durf Te Leven" in December 1917 in the Centraal Theater in Amsterdam.

In 1918 (amongst 12 other songs) he recorded the song (as "Memento Vivre") for His Master's Voice, but it was never released.

(o) Jean-Louis Pisuisse (1918)  (as "Memento Vivre")  NEVER RELEASED
Recorded August 18, 1918 in The Hague (Den Haag), Netherlands
With Jan Hemsing at the piano.
Matrix 20742u

SEE:  http://charm.rhul.ac.uk/discography/

The first recording to be released was by a one-time member of the Cabaret of  Pisuisse: Henri Wallig

(c) Henri Wallig (1920)  (as "Mensch Durf Te Leven")
Recorded December 6, 1920 in The Hague (Den Haag), Netherlands
Matrix s21822u
Released on the Zonophone-label (# 3238)

SEE: http://www.charm.rhul.ac.uk/discography/

Listen here: https://lennartb.home.xs4all.nl/menschdurfteleven.ogg

Or here:

(c) Alex de Haas (1941)
with Dick Willebrandts, piano
Recorded October 1, 1941 for a Dutch Radio Broadcast
Released on the next album


Listen here:

(c) Max van Praag (1958)
Released on the album "Dirk Witte Liedjes".

Dirk Witte liedjes by Max van Praag / Sonja Oosterman (Album): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music

Listen here:

(c) Willy Alberti (1962)
Released on Phlips single # 318 741 PF



Also released on Philips EP # 433 122 PE




Listen here:

(c) Herman Tholen (1964)
Released on the album "Waar Blijft De Tijd".


Listen here:

(c) Ramses Shaffy (1967)
Sung in the TV documentary about Jean-Louis Pisuisse: "Namen Die Je Nooit Vergeet", which was broadcasted on November 20, 1967 for KRO Television.

It was also published on the next album




(c) Willem Nijholt (1977)
Not released at the time, but finally released in 1998 on the next CD



Listen here:

(c) Enny de Leeuwe, Ronnie Bierman, Henk van Ulsen, Fred Florusse and Cor Lemaire
Recorded live on September 25, 1975 at the Tingel Tangel Theater in Amsterdam.
Released on the album "Wim Ibo presents Onder De Bomen Van Het Plein".



Listen to a sample here:


(c) Frits Lambrechts (1987)
Released in 2002 on the CD: "Dringende Kwesties".


Also released in 2004 on the CD: "Portret"


Listen here:

(c) Huub van der Lubbe with the Metropole Orkest (1999)
From the Dutch TV-programme "Samen over de drempel" broadcast on December 31, 1999, containing the most beautiful songs of the last century.

Listen here:

(c) Amazing Stroopwafels (2000)
They had already recorded the song in 1988 for the album "Gaan Te Ver"
But here's a rocking version of the song in the Dutch TV-Show "Kopspijkers".

Listen here

(c) Jenny Arean (2002)
Recorded for the theater production "Klarenbeek en Verbrugge".



(c) Wende Snijders (2005)
Recorded January 26, 2005 for the TV-programme "De Avond Van Het Gedicht".

Listen here:

(c) Wende Snijders (2008)
Wende performed the song again on the TV-programme "Een Nieuwe Jas - Live"

Listen here:

(c) Jim de Groot & de Matangi's (2008)


Listen here:  Mens, Durf Te Leven! van Jim de Groot

In September 2015 the song (amongst all the 33 Dirk Witte composed songs) was performed before a live audience in the Forbo Flooringzaal of the Zaantheater in Zaandam (Netherlands) by Huub van der Lubbe.



Listen here:

Here's an ad from the Dutch newspaper De Groene Amsterdammer dated November 20, 1920, with a few songs that Pisuisse recorded on the same date as "Memento Vivere".



Here's the complete TV documentary about Jean-Louis Pisuisse in which Ramses Shaffy sang "Mens Durf Te Leven"


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