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(Everything's All Right) In My Father's House (1922) / There'll Be No Liars There (1927) / Come And Go With Me (1929) / There'll Be Joy Joy Joy (1934) / To My Father's House (1968)

The Originals © by Arnold Rypens - TO MY FATHER'S HOUSE

Spiritual usually known as "In My Father's House", originally created by blacks during slavery.
"My father's house" could be a synonym for Africa.

A version of "In My Father's House" is printed in Carl Sandburg's 1927 American Songbag.


According to the Document-label the C. & M. A. Colored Gospel Quintet was the first act to record the song in 1922,

(o) C. & M. A. Colored Gospel Quintet (1922)  (as "Everything's All Right In My Father's House")
Released on the Chicago Gospel Tabernacle Record label.

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(c) Hickory Nuts (1927)  (as "There'll Be No Liars There")
Recorded September 24, 1927 in Winston-Salem, NC
Released on Okeh 45220

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Discography of OKeh Records, 1918-1934 - Ross Laird, Brian A. L. Rust

(c) Pace Jubilee Singers (1928)  (as "My Father's House)
Recorded February 20, 1928 in Chicago
Released on Gennett 6394 and on Superior 352 and on Bell 1176
Also as the Dixie Jubilee Singers on Champion 15473




(c) Four Wanderers (1929) (as "In My Father's House")
Recorded September 17, 1929 in New York.
Released on Victor 38545

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Four Wanderers - In My Father's House / Preaching Of The Elder (Shellac, 10", 78 RPM) | Discogs


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(c) Rev. Edward Clayborn (1929) (as "Come And Go With Me To My Father's House")
Recorded October 11, 1929
Released on the B-side of  "Your True Friend"  (Vocalion 1425)

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(c) Belt Sacred Quartet (1929) (as "Come And Go With Me")
Recorded October 21, 1929 in Dallas, TX
Released on Victor 23398

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(c) Bessemer Melody Boys (1930) (as "In My Father's House")
Recorded May 31, 1930 in Memphis, Tenn.
Released on Bluebird B5778


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(c) Brother Son Bonds 1934 (as "In My Father's House")
Recorded September 8, 1934 in Chicago
Released on Decca 7024

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(c) Carter Family 1934 (as "There'll Be Joy, Joy, Joy")
Recorded December 11, 1934 Camden, NJ
Released on Bluebird B-5911-A


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(c) Eagle Jubilee Four (1938)  (as "In My Father's House")

Released on Vocalion 04613


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(c) The Golden Trumpets (1956)  (as "Come And Go With Me")

45cat - The Golden Trumpets - Come And Go With Me / Plow Your Row To The End - Nashboro - USA - 45-576


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(c) The Imperial Gospel Singers (1958)
Recorded March 18, 1958
Released on Savoy 4097

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(c) Jimmy Jones and The Sensationals (1959)  (as "Come on and Go With Me")
Recorded ca. February 1959
Released on Savoy 4116


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(c) Sleepy John Estes (1962)  (as "In My Father's House")
Recorded April 22, 1962 in Chicago, IL
Released in 1998 on Testament Records



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(c) Harry Belafonte (1963)  (as "In My Father's House")
Recorded live at the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles on August 23, 1963


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In a complete new musical arrangement by Edwin Hawkins, the song was recorded by the Northern California State Youth Choir.
The Edwin Hawkins Singers began as The Northern California State Youth Choir of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. and was founded in 1967 by Hawkins and Betty Watson.
Members were aged 17–25. As was common in gospel circles they produced and distributed their own LP: "Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord", recorded live in 1967 at Ephesian Church of God in Christ in Berkeley, California.

(c) Northern California State Youth Choir (1968) (as "To My Father's House")


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(c) The Edwin Hawkins Singers (1969)
The exact same recording was re-released under the banner of The Edwin Hawkins Singers.

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In Europe the song was picked up by the Les Humphries Singers. In 1970 their version catapulted to the Nr 1 position in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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(c) Etta James (1982)  (as "To My Father's House")


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Not to be confused with "In My Father's House (Are Many Mansions) written by Aileene Hanks in 1954 SEE: http://www.originals.be/en/originals.php?id=14342

And also not to be confused with another traditional called "Come And Go With Me" recorded by Peter, Paul & Mary and yet another song called "Come And Go With Me", recorded by The Spirit Of Memphis.

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