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Alla En El Rancho Grande (1926) / El Rancho Grande (1934) / (Give Me) My Ranch (1938) / El Rancho Rock (1958) / Auf Meiner Ranch Bin Ich König (1962) / Ik Heb Een Truck Als Mijn Woning (1981)

The Originals © by Arnold Rypens - ALLA EN EL RANCHO GRANDE

There's some doubt about who actually wrote the song.
Fact is Silvano Ramos is mentioned as the composer of the earliest recorded version in 1926.

Emilio Donato Uranga (music) and Juan (Díez) del Moral (Spanish lyrics) were mentioned on a 1927 recording.

And even John and Alan Lomax were part of a lawsuit regarding this song.



John and Alan Lomax included this song in their 1934 book "American Ballads and Folk Songs".


Before Lomax in 1934 the song was mentioned in 1931 by Joaquin Moro on page 119 of "Songs the Vaqueros Sing" in Volume IX of 'Southwestern Lore' by James Frank Dobie.  Published for the Texas folk-lore society, 1931.

But as I said the song was already recorded in 1926:

(o) Cantantes de la Orquesta Tipica Mexicana (1926)
Recorded November 26, 1926 in New York
Personnel Cantantes De La Orquesta Típica Mexicana:
José Briseño (director)
Samuel Pedrazo (vocalist: tenor vocal)
Silvano R. Ramos (vocalist)
Ángel Soto (vocalist: tenor vocal)
Adolfo Villegas (vocalist: baritone vocal)
Arturo Mondragón (vocalist: baritone vocal)


Matrix BVE 36966-2 Allá En El Rancho Grande-Canción (Silvano R. Ramos)
Released on Victor 79066

On the next link you can listen to a sample:

Allá En El Rancho Grande - Cantantes De La Orquesta Típica Mexicana | Frontera Project

(c)  Rubio Y Martinez (1926)
Recorded December 1926 in New York
Released on Columbia 2555-X

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Listen here:


(c) Pilar Arcos and Juan Pulido (1927)
Recorded April 5, 1927 in New York.
First released on Brunswick 40203.

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A Vocalion master of the same date was assigned August 24, 1927 for Vocalion 8114.

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Listen here:

(c) Orquesta Tipica Mexicana Lerdo (1928)
Directed by Miguel Lerdo de Tejada
Recorded in New York in April 1928
Released on Columbia 3043-X, 380-M, MC-3235 and Vocalion 9098

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The same recording (matrix 96409) was re-released on Okeh 9098.

Listen to a sample here:


(c) Xavier Cugat and his Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Orch. (1933)
Vocals by Pearl Bailey
Recorded August 15, 1933 in New York.
Released on Victor 24673

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Listen here:

(c) Emilio Caceres y su Orquesta del Club Aguila 1934
Herrera and Quiroga (vocals)
Recorded in a San Antonio – Texas Hotel – Supervised by Eli Oberstein on April 4, 1934
Released on Victor 32141; Victor [Mex] 75093;  Bluebird B-5582; Gramófono [Spain] AE 4396

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Listen here:

(c) The Westerners (1934) (as "El Rancho Grande")
Curt Massey, f/v; Larry Wellington, ac; Allen Massey, g/v; Milt Mabie, sb; Louise Massey, v.
Recorded in Chicago, IL on November 6, 1934

Released on Banner 33446, Melotone M13413, Oriole 8472, Perfect 13146, Romeo 5472 and Vocalion/Okeh 04223,

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Listen here: (at 24 min and 50 seconds in the playlist on the next link)


(c) Milton Brown and his Brownies (1935)  (as "In El Rancho Grande")
Cecil Brower, f/v; Bob Dunn, esg; Fred Calhoun, p; Ocie Stockard, tbj; Derwood Brown, g/v; Wanna Coffman, sb;
Recorded in Chicago, IL on January 27, 1935
Released on Decca 5071.


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Listen here:

(c) Tito Guizar (1936)
From the movie "Alla En El Rancho Grande".

Listen here at 1 hour and 21 minutes and 19 seconds in the movie below:

And here's Tito Guizar's recording for Victor:

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Listen here:


(c) Tune Wranglers (1936)
Tune Wranglers (Buster Coward [vcl/gt], Red Brown [vcl/banjo], Curley Williams [vcl/bass], Tom Dickey [fiddle], Eddie Whitley [piano])
Recorded February 27, 1936 San Antonio, TX –
Released on Bluebird B-6554.

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Listen here:


Or here:

(c) Nite Owls (1938)  (as "Rancho Grande (My Ranch)"
Recorded May 12, 1938 in Dallas, TX
Released on Vocalion 04372 and in 1947 on Columbia 37635

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Listen here:


(c) Dick Robertson (1938)  (Nr 5 USA)  (as "Rancho Grande")
Dick Robertson and His Orchestra with vocal chorus by the Alvarez Brothers.
Recorded in New York City on June 30, 1938
Released on Decca 1979 A

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(c) Bing Crosby (1939)  (as "El Rancho Grande")
Bing Crosby assisted by the Foursome on vocals and directed by John Scott Trotter.
Recorded in Los Angeles on April 3, 1939
Released on Decca 2494 A

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Listen here:

(c) Tommy Dorsey (1939)  (as "Alla En El Rancho Grande")
Vocals by Hughie Prince.
Recorded August 28, 1939 in NYC
Released on Victor 26370

Here is a scan of a re-release from 1948

Tommy Dorsey And His Clambake Seven - Alla En El Rancho Grande (My Ranch) / Chinatown, My Chinatown (Shellac) at Discogs

Listen here:

(c) Al Bowlly (1939)  (as "Give Me My Ranch")
Recorded December 21, 1939.
Released on His Master's Voice BD 805


Listen here:

(c) Het Ramblers Dansorkest (1939) (as "Give Me My Ranch (El Rancho Grande)")
Vocals: Marcel Thielemans.
Recorded March 1940 in Hilversum
Released on the Panachord-label (# H 1090)

Listen here

(c) Gene Autry (1940)
Oliver Tudor [gt], Frank Marvin [steel], Walter Jecker [bass], Carl Cotner [fiddle], Spade Cooley [fiddle], Paul Sells [piano/accordion]
Recorded on March 12, 1940 in CBS Studio (Radio Station KNX), 6121 Gower & Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA –
Released on Vocalion 05513

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Listen here:

Also in the 1940 movie "Rancho Grande".



(c) Willy Derby (1940)  (as "Geef Mij M'n Huis En M'n Tuintje")
With Egon Kaiser Orchestra
Dutch lyrics by Jacques van Tol
Released on Polydor 11486
Matrix # 8629 1/2 GD 9
Recorded around June 1940

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Listen here:

The following 1942 Billboard ad gives an idea of the popularity of the song:

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(c) Pedro Infante (1947)
In the movie "Soy charro De Rancho Grande".

And here's Pedro Infante's 1946 recording for Peerless:
Recorded on December 7, 1945.

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(c) Santiago Jimenez Y Sus Valedores (around 1948)
Santiago Jimenez - accordion
Lorenzo Caballero - guitarra
Ismael Gonzalez - contrabajo

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Listen here:

(c) Jorge Negrete (1949)
From the movie "Alla En El Rancho Grande".

Here's the complete 1949 movie:

(c) Ronnie Hilton (1956)  (as "Give Me My Ranch")

Released on His Master's Voice POP 221 and HMV 7M 413.



Listen here:

(c) Bobby Jaan (=Bobbejaan Schoepen) (1957)  (as "El Rancho Grande")




Listen here:

(c) Champs (1958)  (as "El Rancho Rock")



Listen here:

(c) Ria Valk (1961)  (as "El Rancho Grande")




(c) Peter Hinnen (1962)  (as "Auf Meiner Ranch Bin Ich König") (No 5 Hit Germany)


Listen here:

(c) Will Tura (1966) (as "Op Mijn Ranch Ben Ik Koning")



Listen here:

(c) Duane Eddy (1966)  (as "El Rancho Grande")



Listen here:

(c) Elvis Presley (1970)
Recorded by Elvis on Wednesday, 15 July 1970, during rehearsals for the film "That's The Way It Is" in Culver City, CA.

Listen here:

(c) Freddy Fender (1975)  (as "I Love My Rancho Grande")

B-side of his million-selling "Wasted Days And Wasted Nights".


Listen here:

(c) Henk Wijngaard (1981) (as "Ik Heb Een Truck Als Mijn Woning")
Crediting Fred Limpens & Johnny Hoes ??!!


Listen here:

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    00-00-37 - Vernon Geyer - organ version - (Bluebird 6991);
    03-08-39 - Chick Bullock & his Levee Loungers (Conqueror 9299 / Conqueror 9552);
    08-08-39 - Bob Chester & his Orchestra with vocal Al Stuart (Montgomery Ward 8329 / (Bluebird 10378);
    28-08-39 - Tommy Dorsey & his Clambake 7 (Victor 26370 / RCA 20-2033);
    23-09-39 - Jan Savitt & his Tophatters with vocal Bon Bon (Decca 2771);

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