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(That) Lonesome Valley (1925) / Little Bunch Of Roses (1928) / Who's Gonna Kiss Your Lips, Dear Darling (1929) / Can't You Hear That Night Bird Crying (1936) / Rough And Rocky (1945) / Reverend Mr. Black (1963)

Lonesome Valley, a spiritual from both white and black sources, was recorded by the Carter Family in 1930.  A.P. Carter probably learned the song from Leslie Riddle , but popular versions by both Vernon Dalhart and Andy Jenkins had been circulating. The earliest recording of "That Lonesome Valley" was done in 1925 by the Jenkins Family (although there seems to be an unreleased 1924 recording by David Miller --> see further on in this page).
The song has been recorded by many predominently country artists with varying lyrics and under numerous titles, including "Lonesome Valley","I've Got To Walk The Lonesome Valley", "That Lonesome Valley", "Walk That Lonesome Valley", "Jesus Walked The Lonesome Valley", "You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valey", "Everybody Got To Walk This Lonesome Valley" and "John The Baptist".
The song was contained in John Wesley Work's "Folk Song Of The American Negro" (1907)


(o) Jenkins Family 1925  (as "That Lonesome Valley")
Andrew Jenkins [vcl/gt], Irene Spain [vcl/organ/piano], Mary Lee Spain [vcl]
Recorded April 1925 in Atlanta, GA
Released on Okeh 40377

The Jenkins Family* - There Shall Be Showers Of Blessing / That Lonesome Valley (Shellac) at Discogs


Listen to a sample here: THAT LONESOME VALLEY 

(c) Al Craver (=Vernon Dalhart) (1926) (as "John The Baptist")
Vernon Dalhart, v; acc. poss. John Cali, lute.
Recorded June 25, 1926 in New York
Released on Columbia 15086-D

Listen here:

(c) Pace Jubilee Singers (1926)  (as "Everybody Got To Walk This Lonesome Valley")
Recorded September 13, 1926 in the Webster Hotel in Chicago, IL.


78 RPM - Pace Jubilee Singers - Everybody Got To Walk This Lonesome Valley / You Gonna Reap Just What You Sow - Victor - USA - 20310


Released on Victor 20310

Listen here:

(c) Lester McFarland and Robert A. Gardner, "The Lonesome Valley"
Vocal duet with harmonica, mandolin and guitar.
Recorded on October 16, 1926
Released on Vocalion 5127

Lester McFarland (2) and Robert A. Gardner - Down By The Riverside / The Lonesome Valley (Shellac) at Discogs

(c) Elzie Floyd and Leo Boswell
Recorded March 26, 1927
Released on Columbia 15167-D

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(c) David Miller 1927
David Miller, v; acc. own g.
Recorded May 1927 in Richmond, IN.
Released on Gennett 6175, Champion 15317, Challenge 327, Herwin 75557
Challenge 327 as by Dan Kutter and Herwin 75557 as by Oran Campbell.

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(c) Rev F.W. McGee 1927
Recorded June 7, 1927
Released on Victor 20858


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(c) Carter Family (1930)  (as "Lonesome Valley")
Sara Carter [vcl/autoharp], A.P. Carter [vcl], Maybelle Carter [vcl/gt]
Recorded November 24, 1930 Memphis, TN –
Released on Victor 23541, Bluebird B-6117 and Montgomery Ward M-4735

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(c) Slim Duckett And Pig Norwood (1930)  (as "You Gotta Stand Judgment For Yourself")


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(c) Bill Elliott (1932)  (as "Lonesome Valley")
Bill Elliott, v; acc. Bob Mitchell, o.
Recorded in Camden, NJ on February 5, 1932
Released on Victor 23658
and Montgomery Ward  M-4337 ( as by Jim Baird)

(c) Carolina Ramblers String Band  (1932)  (as "That Lonesome Valley")
Steve Ledford, f/v; poss. Taft Ledford, f or g; unknown, h; Daniel Nicholson, bj/v; Audie Rodgers, g/v; George Ledford, v.
Recorded in New York, NY on February 17, 1932
Released on  Banner 32474, Melotone M12428, Oriole 8148, Perfect 12818 and Romeo 5148

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(c) Monroe Brothers (1936) (as "You've Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley")
Bill Monroe, Charlie Monroe, v duet; acc. Bill Monroe, md; Charlie Monroe, g.
Recorded in Charlotte, NC on February 17, 1936
Released on Bluebird B-6477 and Montgomery Ward M-5026

78 RPM - Monroe Brothers (Charles and Bill) - You've Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley / God Holds The Future In His Hands - Bluebird - USA - B-6477

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(c) Mainer's Mountaineers (1936) (as "Walk That Lonesome Valley")
J.E. Mainer, f/v; Junior Misenheimer, bj; Harold Christy, g; Beacham Blackweller, g; Wade Mainer, v; Zeke Morris, v.
Recorded in Charlotte, NC on June 15, 1936
Released on Bluebird B-6596 and Montgomery Ward M-7007

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(c) Dixie Reelers (1936)  ("Lonesome Valley – Part 2")
Ollie Bunn, v; Daddy John Love, v/g; Clarence Todd, v/g.
Recorded in Charlotte, NC on June 20, 1936
Released on Bluebird B-6713 and Montgomery Ward  M-7099

Listen here:

(c) Heavenly Gospel Singers (1937)  (as "Walk This Lonesome Valley")
Roosevelt Fenoy (vocals); Fred Whitmore (tenor); Henson Massey (baritone); Jimmy Bryant Singers, Jimmy Bryant (bass voice)
Recorded on February 16, 1937
Released on Bluebird B-6984

Listen here:

Heavenly Gospel Singers – Walk This Lonesome Valley

(c) Roy Acuff & His Crazy Tennesseeans (1937)  (as "Lonesome Valley")
Roy Acuff, f/v/bj ; Clell Summey, sg/v; Jess Easterday, g; Red Jones, sb/v.
Recorded in Birmingham, AL on March 22, 1937
Released on Vocalion/Okeh 04730 and Conqueror 9256

Listen here:

(c) Woody Guthrie 1940
Library Of Congress, Washington, DC sessions with Alan Lomax
Recorded March 21, 1940


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(c) Elvis Presley & the Million Dollar Quartet (1956)  (as "Jesus Walked That Lonesome Valley")
Elvis Presley [gt/piano], Jerry Lee Lewis [vcl/piano], Carl Perkins [vcl/gt], Jay Perkins [gt], Charlie Underwood [gt], Clayton Perkins [bass], W.S. Holland [drums] (Producer: Sam Phillips)

Recorded December 4, 1956 [informal session] Sun Studio, 706 Union Ave., Memphis, TN –


Listen here:

(c) Kitty Wells (1959)

Kitty Wells - Dust On The Bible (Vinyl, LP, Album) at Discogs

(c) Little Richard (1959)  (as "Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley")


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Billy Ed Wheeler, (with Jed Peters (=Mike Stoller and Jerry Leiber) used “Lonesome Valley” as the core of a song he called “Reverend Mr Black,” which was released by the Kingston Trio in 1963 becoming a top ten hit on the Billboard that year. “Reverend Mr. Black” was also recorded by Bobby Darin (1963), Faron Young (1963), and Johnny Cash (1981). Others who have recorded this song are Tex Ritter, Lonnie Donegan, John Stewart, Tim Grimm, and Sherwin & Pam Linton.

(c) Billy Ed Wheeler 1963 (as "Reverend Mr. Black")
Billy Edd Wheeler (Producer: Paul Cohen)
Recorded October 8, 1963 Nashville, TN -
Released on Kapp KS-3351

Billy Edd Wheeler's author's version was recorded and released after the hit-version by the Kingston Trio (who had used Billy Edd Wheeler's DEMO as a guide)


Listen here:

(c) Kingston Trio 1963  (as "Reverend Mr. Black")
John Stewart [vcl/gt/banjo], Nick Reynolds [vcl/gt], Bob Shane [vcl/gt] + Glen Campbell [banjo], Dean Reilly [bass]. Producer: Voyle Gilmore)
Recorded January 23, 1963 [no. 11009, 12:00-15:00] Capitol Recording Studio, 1750 North Vine St., Hollywood, CA –
Released on Capitol 4951

Listen here:

(c) Johnny Cash & The Carter Family (1963)  (as "Lonesome Valley")
Carter Family & Johnny Cash (Maybelle Carter [vcl], Helen Carter [vcl], Anita Carter [vcl], June Carter [vcl], Junior Huskey [bass], Bob Johnson. Producer: Don Law & Frank Jones) [overub session on September 4, 1963, Nashville, TN: Johnny Cash [vcl])
Recorded July 8, 1963  Columbia Recording Studio, Nashville, TN –
Released in 1964 on the album "Keep on the Sunny Side".


Listen here:

(c) Mississippi John Hurt (1965)

"Mississippi" John Hurt singing, "Lonesome Valley" on Pete Seeger's TV program, "Rainbow Quest".

(c) Vince Martin and Fred Neil (1964)  (as "Lonesome Valley")
on the album "Tear Down The Walls"


Listen here:

(c) Kevin Coyne (1973) (as "Lonesome Valley")
on the abum "Marjorie Razorblade".


Listen here:

(c) Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie (1975)  (as "Lonesome Valley")
Recorded live in the Music Hall, in Boston


Listen here:

(c) Bruce Springsteen 24-06-1993 East Rutherford, New Jersey
26-06-1993 New York City


Also on Satan's Jewel Crown album



(c) Eric Bibb (1994) (as "Lonesome Valley")
On the album "Spirits & The Blues".

Listen here:

(c) Fairfield Four (2000)  (as "Lonesome Valley")
in movie "O Brother Where Art Thou?"

Baritone Vocals – James Hill (2) Bass Vocals [First Lead And Bass] – Isaac Freeman Lead Vocals [Second Lead] – Nathan Best Lead Vocals [Utility Lead] – Joseph Rice, Robert Hamlett  
Tenor Vocals – Wilson Waters                                                                      


Listen here:



More versions here:


The Originals © by Arnold Rypens - LONESOME VALLEY


The melody was also used a.o.
for "Little Bunch of Roses" (1928)
and "Who's Gonna Kiss Your Lips, Dear Darling" (1929)
and "Last Gold Dollar" (1929)
and "Can't You Hear That Night Bird Crying" (1936)
and "(Don't This Road Look) Rough And Rocky" (1945)

The Originals © by Arnold Rypens - ROUGH AND ROCKY

(c) Clarence Greene (1928)  (as "Little Bunch Of Roses")

Clarence Greene - Good-Night Darling / Little Bunch Of Roses (Shellac) at Discogs


Listen here:

(c) Carolina Tar Heels (1929)  (as "Who's Gonna Kiss Your Lips, Dear Darling")
Recorded April 3, 1929 in Camden New Jersey.

Seems to be the first recorded version to contain the "(Don't This Road Look) Rough and Rocky"


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Listen here:

(c) Ephraim Woodie And The Henpecked Husbands (1929)  (as "Last Gold Dollar")
Recorded October 24, 1929 in Johnson City, Tennessee

Columbia matrix W149260. Last gold dollar / Henpecked Husbands ; Ephraim Woodie - Discography of American Historical Recordings

(c) Blue Sky Boys (1936)  (as "Can't You Hear That Night Bird Crying")

The "Who's Gonna Kiss Your Lips, Dear Darling" verse was copied from the Carolina Tar Heels version (SEE ABOVE)

(c) T. Texas Tyler (1945)  (as "Rough And Rocky")
"Rough And Rocky" has the exact same melody and two similar stanzas as the above mentioned "Can't You Hear That Night Bird Crying" and the lyrics are also contained in "Who's Gonna Kiss Your Lips, Dear Darling" by the Carolina Tar Heels (SEE ABOVE)

78 RPM - T. Texas Tyler And His Oklahoma Melody Boys - Beautiful Morning Glory / Rough And Rocky - 4 Star - USA - 1022

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Listen here:

(c) Flatt & Scruggs (1954) (as "Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky")

Listen here:

(c) Gene Clark (1972)  (as "Rough And Rocky")

(c) Emmylou Harris (1979)  (as "Rough And Rocky")

Listen here:

Pete Seeger mixed up the lyrics of "Lonesome Valley" and "Rough And Rocky" for his 1975 version. (SEE YOUTUBE ABOVE)

He already sang that mixed-up version with Joan Baez around 1962:
This version was released on the album "Very Early Joan"

Listen here:

But already in 1944 Woody Guthrie had recorded a version of "Lonesome Valley" which included the "Rough And Rocky" verse. (So that's even before T. Texas Tyler recorded "Rough And Rocky" in 1945 !!!


Listen here:

But as we saw earlier on in this post Carolina Tar Heels were the first to use the "ROUGH AND ROCKY" verse in 1929 in "Who's Gonna Kiss Your Lips, Dear Darling")

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