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Little Musgrove and the Lady Barnet (17th century) / Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard (19th century) / Lord Daniel / Lord Darnell / Matty Groves / Shady Grove (1933) / Little Mattie Groves (1941)

"Matty Groves" is an English folk ballad that describes an adulterous tryst between a man and a woman that is ended when the woman's husband discovers and kills them. It dates to at least the 17th century, and is one of the Child Ballads (#81) collected by 19th-century American scholar Francis James Child. It has several variant names, including "Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard."
Here below is a 17th Century sheet from the Bodleian Library.

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Translation of the text above SEE: http://ebba.english.ucsb.edu/ballad/32804/xml


SEE ALSO: http://members.chello.nl/r.vandijk2/ChildBallads080-089.html#081

Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard [Child 81]

Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard / Matty Groves (Roud 52; Child 81)

Matty Groves - Wikipedia

In 1934 Jean Thomas recorded Green Maggard singing a variation of this song ("Lord Daniel") for the Library of Congress.

Lord Daniel | Library of Congress

Lord Daniel (Roud Folksong Index S262164)

Lord Daniel (Roud Folksong Index S243414)

Listen here:

And in February 1935 George W. Hibbitt and William Cabell Greet recorded Bascom Lamar Bunsford singing "Lord Daniel's Wife" (also a version of Child #081). Also for the library of Congress.

Lord Daniel's wife | Library of Congress

In 1937 Alan Lomax also recorded some field recordings versions closely connected to "Matty Groves". (Child #081)

Little Musgrave · Alan Lomax Kentucky Recordings

Lord Daniel (part 1) · Alan Lomax Kentucky Recordings

Lord Daniel (part 2) · Alan Lomax Kentucky Recordings

Lord Daniel · Alan Lomax Kentucky Recordings

Lord Daniel · Alan Lomax Kentucky Recordings

Lord Daniel (conclusion) · Alan Lomax Kentucky Recordings

In 1938 Sidney Robertson recorded George Vinton Graham singing "Mathy Grove" for the Library of Congress.

Mathy Grove | Library of Congress

Listen here: https://stream-media.loc.gov/afc/afc1940001/afc1940001_a3814a2.mp3

Or here;

The first officially recorded version I could find is by John Jacob Niles, who recorded a version in 1941 for Victor's Red Seal label.

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Listen here:

Contained on the album American Folk Lore (Volume 3) released in October 1941 on the RCA Red Seal label (#824).
This album-set contained four 78's with the following songs:

2171 You got to cross that lonesome valley ; The lass from the low countree ;
2172 Black is the color of my true love's hair ; Go 'way from my window ; One morning in May ;
2173 The wife of Usher's Well ;
18087 The death of Queen Jane ; Little Mattie Groves

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 (c) Paul Clayton 1956 (as "Lord Darnell")
Album "Folksongs and Ballads of Virginia"


Listen here:

(c) Bob Gibson 1957  (as "Matie Groves")
Album "I Come for to Sing"
Label Riverside Catalog number RLP 12 806


Listen here:

Album – I COME FOR TO SING | Bob Gibson Folk Legacy

 (c) Jeannie Robertson 1958 (as "Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard")
Jeannie Robertson sang Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard in Aberdeen in 1958 to Peter Kennedy. This recording was included in 2000 on the extended Rounder re-issue of Volume 4 of The Folk Songs of Britain, Classic Ballads of Britain and Ireland Volume 1.

Listen here:

(c) Jean Ritchie 1961  (as "Little Musgrave")


Listen here:

On June 2, 1949 Jean Ritchie had already recorded another version of "Little Musgrave" in Alan Lomax's appartment in Greenwich Village, New York City

SEE: Research Center

Listen here: c0383352.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/audio/T1019R26.mp3

(c) Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl (1961) (as "Matty Groves")
On album "Two-Way Trip"


Listen here:

(c) Paul Clayton 1962  (as "Massey Groves")
Album "Dulcimer Songs and Solos"


Listen here:

(c) Joan Baez September 1962  (as "Matty Groves")

Joan Baez - In Concert (Vinyl, LP, Album) at Discogs

(c) The Spinners 1964  (as "Little Matty Groves")

The Spinners - Folk At The Phil! (Vinyl, LP, Album) at Discogs

(c) Hedy West 1966 (as "Little Matty Groves")

Hedy West - Pretty Saro (Vinyl, LP, Album) at Discogs

(c) Doc Watson 1967  (as "Matty Groves")

Doc Watson - Home Again! (Vinyl, LP, Album) at Discogs

(c) Peggy Seeger 1967  (as "Mathie Grove")

Peggy Seeger - Peggy Alone (Vinyl, LP, Album) at Discogs

Peggy Seeger singer songwriter ballads Discography

(c) Fairport Convention December 1969 (as "Matty Groves")

See also: https://mainlynorfolk.info/sandy.denny/songs/mattygroves.html

Fairport Convention's version of "Matty Groves" on the album "Liege and Lief" uses the tune of American variation "Shady Grove (My Darling)" originally recorded by the Prairie Ramblers in 1933.

SEE: The Originals © by Arnold Rypens - SHADY GROVE MY DARLING

(c) Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick 1969 (as "Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard")

(c) Nic Jones 1970  (as "Little Musgrave")

(c) Christy Moore (1976)  (as "Little Musgrave")

In 2001 a snippet of the song was performed by Emmy Rossum in the movie "Songcatcher"

In 2008 Robert Plant and Alison Krauss performed the song live (following the Fairport adaptation)

(c) Robert Plant and Alison Krauss (2008) (as "In the Mood incl. Matty Groves")

Robert Plant | Alison Krauss - Your Long Journey (CD) at Discogs

Finally here's a version by Tom Waits from his album: "Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards" (2009) (as "Mathie Grove")

More versions here:

The Originals © by Arnold Rypens - LITTLE MATTIE GROVES

Grateful Dead Family Discography:Matty Groves

Cover versions of Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard written by [Traditional] | SecondHandSongs

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